How to pay rent by credit card using Cred App with lots of benefits?

What is Rentpay and How we can get benefits?

RentPay is the latest product of CredApp for Paying Rent from Credit Card and UPI while enjoying lots of benefits.

Benefits of Using RentPay:

  1. Credit card rewards: Most premium credit card  & super premium credit cards comes with a reward rate of 2% and above, sometimes as good as 3.3% which gives you as cashback
  2. Cred Coin: You will get cred coin which you can redeem for many gift voucher and offers.
  3. Interest Free Period:When you pay with credit card you get ~45 Days interest free period from credit card companies to pay the dues.
  4. Milestone Spend Rewards: While you get default rewards as above, you may also be eligible for the credit card milestone benefits which could be different types like Spend based milestone benefit, inbuilt milestone benefit or even the milestone benefits like fee waiver.

CRED launched two new products for its users –

  • CRED RentPay allows users to pay their rent on credit.
  • CRED Stash allows users to avail an instant line of credit upto 5 lakh

How to use it?

RentPay is very Easy to use.(Download CredAPP)

Open the Cred APP (If dont have CredAPP click here to see steps to download)

  1. Goto to control on top right
  2. Now below u can see PayRent option(below is image)
  3. Click on that
  4. Just enter the amount you wish to pay.
  5. Enter details of your landlord. You can add a landlord bank account with UPI as well.
  6. Add your address for which you’re paying rent and you are done. The rent gets instantly transferred

All of the above can be done in a minute or two max and you don’t need to waste time uploading the rent agreements, wait for activations etc.

RentPay Homescreen

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