Testbook- Get 1 Day Testbook pass for free

Testbook is one of the best exam preparation platform which offers, Banking, SSC, etc. study material and online live classes to crack these exams. They are offering 1 Day Testbook pass for free. So, if anyone want to get then grab it now.

How to get 1 Day Testbook pass for free?

Download App from here

1 . Visit here

2. Login/ signup into your account.

3. Click on Have a Coupon code.

4. Apply the code:- 1DAYPASS

5. Click on Buy Pass.

6. Done. You will get 1 day pass for free.

What is Testbook pass?

Testbook Pass is a special membership pass that unlocks all the tests under all the exams available on Testbook. With Testbook Pass, you can take unlimited tests. Now you can focus on your exam preparation and not on which test series to purchase.

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